Hawaiian Neckties, Tropical Ties, Hawaiian Scarves and Sarongs

Hawaiian Neckties, Tropical Neckwear, Hawaiian Scarves & Sarongs, Wedding Ties


Your only limit is your imagination.

Looking for something unique? Create your own custom necktie, scarf, or pareau! Our Fabric Store on Spoonflower is your ticket to a kaleidoscope of tropical coolness that will let your imagination run wild. Shop our dazzling array of Hawaiian and tropic design fabrics available on 22 different base cloths. Our Hawaiian print fabrics are perfect for:

  • Apparel and obviously Aloha Shirts

  • Swimwear and sarongs

  • Scarves and neckties


  • Athletic apparel

  • Baby clothes and blankets

  • Kitchen and dining textiles

  • Bedroom and bathroom textiles

  • Home decor projects and crafts

  • Curtains and drapes

  • Upholstery

  • Anything that can use a little Aloha

From surfboards to pareau prints, ancient tapa art and tropical flora, our fabrics are inspired by the beauty and splendor of Hawaii’s past — and present. So click here or on the image above to get started. Because we could all use a little aloha.

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