Hawaiian Neckties, Tropical Ties, Hawaiian Scarves and Sarongs

Hawaiian Neckties, Tropical Neckwear, Hawaiian Scarves & Sarongs, Wedding Ties


Make every day an Aloha Friday.

Inspire your business attire with a tropical attitude from a warmer latitude. Our Pareau print collection neckties can be your island escape. Synonymous with the upscale two-color Aloha shirts seen in Honolulu on Aloha (casual) Fridays, our Pareau print neckties will take you back to the colorful garments worn by ancient Polynesian and Hawaiian men. 

Hold one of our Pareau print neckties to your ear and you might just hear the ocean waves. 

From lush tropical contrasting colors to subtle complementary shades, our island-inspired Pareau print necktie collection will add a timeless Hawaiian tradition to your wardrobe. Click on any image above to start your shopping adventure.

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